Art consultant, museological projects, exhibitions, public and private collections.

ASESORÍA 2webAmong other collections for which he has worked, either as a consultant or making his cataloging, expertise or visibility, is the known as CIRCA XX-PILAR CITOLER COLLECTION (its Curator and Director since 1999). This collection has obtained numerous recognitions, among others: ARCO Prize for Private Collecting in Spain (2005) and Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2007). He has also collaborated in the formation of numerous collections, which has been cataloged, revised or advised as an expert on occasion. For example: CAJA DE MADRID COLLECTION; CAIXA GALICIA COLLECTION (ABANCA); COLLECTION GMG (MÉXICO); IBERCAJA COLLECTION; MONTES GONZÁLEZ COLLECTION or EL COTO COLLECTION. Being habitual collaborator-expert of the most prestigious national and international auction houses, among them: Christie’s, Doroteum or Sotheby’s. He has made expertizations or collaborations for various institutions: Andalusian Agency of Knowledge, Alicante City Council or Garrigues, among others. He is Vice President of the Pilar Citoler Foundation.

He is responsible for one of the most complete studies on the evolution of the art market in Spain: “De la nada al espectáculo: el mercado del arte en España desde 1975” [“La España del Siglo XXI”, Volumen V, “Literatura y Bellas Artes”, Instituto de España-Fundación Sistema, Biblioteca Nueva, Madrid, 2009].

Collaborates with ARCOmadrid fair annually organizing one of the Discussion Forums, usually about  collecting: Contemporary Art and Sponsorship (2012); The new power of collectors (2013); What is the use of art in times of crisis? (2014); In the privacy of the collector (2015); Personal Passions / Public Visions (2016) and Collecting sculpture (2017). In 2015 he participed in ARTE + COLECCIONISMO organized by the Consello da Cultura Galega, with the presentation: “The public imagination of private institutions.”


He is a member of the Committee of the ArtMadrid Fair.